Dr. Armeane Choksi

Former Vice President of World Bank

Dr. Armeane M. Choksi served as Vice President of World Bank. Dr. Choksi spent more than two decades with the World Bank. He ran World Bank’s operations in Brazil, Peru and Venezuela, managing a portfolio exceeding $8 billion, and was responsible for its operations policies worldwide in education, health, social security and social sectors. Dr. Choksi has negotiated investment projects and economic policy changes with governments of several emerging markets. Dr. Choksi has advised governments in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East on a variety of issues including foreign trade, financial reform and health and education policies.

Dr. Choksi is the Chairman and Member of Advisory Board of Hudson Fairfax Group. He also founded the firm. Dr. Choksi is the Chairman of Rubicon Capital Investments. He also founded Rubicon Capital Investments.

Dr. Choksi sits on various governing boards, including The University of Edinburgh United States Development Trust, The Washington Ballet, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the International Advisory Board of Freedom from Hunger.

Dr. Choksi teaches at the Wharton School on Business.